Fine Dining

Fine Dining
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Fine Dining

Being in a stunning restaurant is quite extraordinary! The atmosphere is simply fantastic, not to mention the food and the wine! A lot of people select fine dining restaurants for a special event such as an anniversary or a birthday. You wouldn’t go to such a place every day. Ambience Hospitality Brands has put together a list of tips when it comes to fine dining, assembled especially for you! We can guide you so that you know what to do when you go to a finer food establishment. Make sure to read this article.

What Is Fine Dining?

Fine dining provides patrons with the finest in food, service and ambience. Fine dining necessitates much attention to detail. The aim of a fine dining restaurant is to supply the best quality food in reasonable portions. There is an exquisite art to the culinary word and plating is done with such finesse. What about the menu at a fine dining restaurant? The menu needs to be interesting, appealing with a wow factor. The menu should provide unique items that you won’t be able to find at another restaurant.

Here Are A Few Tips For Your Dress Code.

You may be wondering what to wear to a finer food establishment. We advise you to dress suitably. You wouldn’t be able to get away with wearing jeans. It is expected that men wear a jacket as well as a tie. Women might want to wear a dress. Now, you know how smart your attire has to be! This is the kind of establishment where you would dress to impress.

Is It Time To Order Yet?

Fine dining is an experiential journey, commencing with an appetizer and finishing with dessert. If you are uncertain about what to order, you can ask a waiter to give you several recommendations. Do you have particular dietary restrictions? If this is the case, then you can tell the waitron and see if he can recommend any appropriate dishes. Treating your waitron well is vital. Give a generous tip too.

What Is A Napkin For?

Use a napkin for dabbing the mouth. Your napkin should be unfolded and placed gently onto your knees. When you get up from the table during the meal, you will need to excuse yourself and put the napkin next to the plate. What happens when you are done eating? Place the napkin neatly to the left side of your plate.

What Do You Need To Know About Glasses?

Generally, there are two or more glasses that are placed to the right side of your plate. Port wine glasses are a bit smaller than glasses for red wine. What about white wine glasses? These are placed below the red wine glasses. When you make a toast, just raise the glass. Clinking the glasses together is simply out of the question! The wine’s purpose at dinner is to complement the food. Your waitron will be happy to suggest suitable wines to be paired with your chosen meal too, in order to complement the meal in its entirety – making your dining experience as satisfactory as possible.

Which Cutlery Should You Use?

We know how overwhelming it is when you see how many knives and forks are set on the table. Let us assist you so that you can use your knives and forks with ease! Usually, there are a series of forks on the left of your plate. Spoons and knives are on the right. If you are unsure about which fork needs to be used with which course, begin at the outside. Work your way inward. The knife and fork that are nearest to the plate are for eating the main course.

Take a look at some additional tips from us. When it comes to bread, you have to tear off bite-sized pieces. Butter the pieces one bite at a time. When you eat soup, the bowl-shaped or bigger oval spoon must be used.

Hold the knife and fork while you eat. Cut little pieces of food. The tines of your fork should be pointed down toward the plate. What about when you are finished? Your knife and fork have to be placed together in the centre of your plate vertically. This is simple dining etiquette.

There Are Several Things You Cannot Do!

Are you curious to know what these things are? Slurping your soup is a big no-no. Cutlery shouldn’t be used to gesture to those you are dining with. Do not drink loudly. Your wallet has to be kept off the table. Chicken or chips shouldn’t be eaten with your fingers. Also, make sure not to overstay your welcome.

Ambience Hospitality Brands strongly recommends that you use these tips when you go to a fine dining establishment! We hope that you and your fellow dining companions enjoy your experience at a finer food establishment!