The TAFELSTERN brand embodies contemporary table culture in all areas of the gastronomy sector. Guests will experience this whenever first-class cuisine, attentive service and the creative presentation of fine foods on the finest porcelain meet.

The creative collections from TAFELSTERN offer ideal opportunities for combining the pleasure and experience of fine dining with a refined and diversified presentation of culinary delights. At the same time, the classically elegant design of the pieces always ensures that the presentation of fine foods takes centre stage.

Our portfolio also offers ideal pieces for setting eye-catching highlights in any table setting.

The manufacture of porcelain in Germany demands constant pioneering work, an uncompromising dedication to quality and exemplary all-round service in advisory matters, customer care, logistics and environmental protection.

In return for this, TAFELSTERN enjoys the outstanding trust and loyalty of customers throughout the world and a firmly established reputation for dependable premium quality.

TAFELSTERN Catalogue downloads

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